Inside calf pain

Pain on the inside of the calf muscle can be from a strain or tear. The medial side calf pain can also be from issues with the medial tibia or connective fascia. Periostitis of the tibia can also elicit pain to the inside of the calf. Shin splints or stress fractures of the tibia can also cause inside calf pain.

  • Calf Pain

    What causes calf pain? Calf pain or calf muscle pain can occur from a number of causes. Calf strain is probably the most common cause of calf pain or pain at the back of the lower leg. However there are a number of other potential causes of calf pain which we outline below. We outline the most common causes of calf pain as well as some of the less common calf injuries. We also explain some important more serious conditions resulting in calf pain not to be missed such as deep vein thrombosis.