Injury Prevention

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Running in the cold

As winter creeps up, the prospect of throwing on trainers to work out in the frigid cold is sometimes far less appealing than staying inside with home comforts. However training in the cold provides an additional array of health and athletic benefits, enhancing the multitude of benefits that exercise provides.

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Warrior one pose yoga

The extensive benefits of yoga are well publicised in modern media, and it has become a firm mainstay of Western culture. However for those who have never practiced yoga before, highly effectively poses that are particularly beneficial to the needs of athletes are easily accessible, and can make an effective additional to a post-training muscle-recovery protocol.

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Weight training and the menopause

The reduction of hormone levels with age has many effects on women's health and wellbeing. Exercise has been found to be an effective tool in combatting many of the challenges these changes pose, including mood fluctuations, a slower metabolism, and guarding against the risk of certain injuries and conditions that increase with age.

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Choosing running shoes§

As every runner knows, the correct shoe is fundamental to any training regime and subsequent competitive performance. For runners - both seasoned and new - selecting a new set of high-performing running shoes is a significant investment, and should be fully informed in order to make the correct choice for your personal needs.

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Running on ice

When training for an event, personal goals or just plain habit, having your plans disrupted by weather can be highly frustrating. However it doesn't necessarily mean an unexpected rest day (or a reason to derail your plans.) Here are 5 simple tips to keep your training plans on track, whilst also avoiding the risk of injury posed by adverse weather conditions.

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