Free Weights Exercises

The bench press exercise works the chest muscles Pectoralis Major and Minor, as well as muscles in the shoulder and arm. It is performed with a barbell.

The upright row can be performed with a barbell or two dumbbells. It works muscles in the upper back, shoulder and the Biceps.

The squat is a great exercise to work most of the leg muscles, especially the quads and glutes. It can be used at varying level, from a swiss ball squat for beginners to squats with weights such as a barbell.

The snatch is an Olympic lift which develops co-ordination, flexibility and power. Technique is vital to avoid injury and get the most from the exercise.

The V-Up exercises work both the upper and lower abs by combining the crunch and reverse crunch exercise.

The single arm row works the muscles around the shoulder blades. Really focus on using the shoulder blade to initiate the upwards movement.

The single arm press shoulder exercise strengthens the deltoid, levator scapulae, trapezius and triceps.

The side bend works the oblique abdominals, as well as the quadratus lumborum on either side of the back.

Shrugs are performed mostly by weightlifters as they strengthen the upper trapezius muscles.

The shoulder press exercise works the Deltoid and Triceps muscles. It is performed with dumbbells. The same exercise performed with a barbell is called a military press.

The powerclean is an olympic lift which requires power and strength. It is also very technical and so getting an experienced coach is recommended.

The pec fly exercise is performed with dumbbells and works the chest muscles. There is a pec fly machine in most gyms too, sometimes referred to as a pec deck.