Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder stretching exercises including anterior shoulder stretch, chest stretch, Triceps stretch and Latissimus Dorsi Stretch.


Using furniture, doorways and other equipment can be very useful to provide an effective stretch. Just make sure its sturdy first!

Stretching the front part of the shoulder and chest muscles can help to improve posture. There are a number of ways of stretching the muscles at the front of the shoulder.

Stretching the chest muscles, especially pectoralis minor can be beneficial in improving posture of the upper back and shoulder girdle.

The muscles of the arm including the Triceps are often overlooked when it comes to a stretching routine. Stretching the Triceps especially after a weights workout can help reduce DOMS.

Getting a partner to pull the arms back gently can be an effective way of stretching the chest. Just make sure you communicate and let them know when you can feel a gentle stretch.

The lats are regularly left out of stretching routines, however, all it takes is a simple stretch like this or kneeling on the floor.

This stretch is great for rotator cuff injuries and can be also be performed before exercise, especially if throwing is involved.

Stretching the back of the shoulder can be effective in rotator cuff injuries and also when the muscles of the upper back and neck are tight.

The muscles of the rotator cuff such as subscapularis should be stretched prior to activities involving overhead movements such as throwing and racket sports.

Stretching the supraspinatus and other rotator cuff muscles is important in throwing and other overhead activities such as badminton. These muscles are often overlooked and frequently injured.

The assisted triceps stretch aims to stretch the triceps brachii muscle with assistance from a therapist.