Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Shoulder stretches are important in warm up routines for sports involving throwing, swimming, racket sports and gymnastics.

Shoulder stretches are also important in the rehabilitation of specific shoulder injuries including rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder or in the later stages of all shoulder injuries.

Below we demonstrate some simple shoulder stretching exercises that can be used for warming up, cooling down as well as shoulder injury prevention.

Shoulder stretches


 Front shoulder stretch
 Doorway shoulder stretch
 Back shoudler stretching exercises
Back of the shoulder stretch 

Front shoulder

Stretches the chest muscles and front of the shoulder.

Doorway stretch

Shoulder stretches uses door frame to stretch the muscles at the front of the shoulder.

Back shoulder 1

Stretches the muscles at the back of the shoulder particularly deltoid muscle.

 Back shoulder 2

Stretches deeper into the back of the shoulder.

 Supraspinatus-stretch Shoulder stretching exercises   Internal shoulder rotation stretching exercises  External shoulder rotation stretch


Another stretch for stretching the back of the shoulder specifically the supraspinatus.

 Supraspiinatus 2

One of the shoulder stretches that targets the supraspinatus muscle from a different angle.

 Internal rotation

Shoulder stretch for the rotator cuff muscles stretches the external rotators.

External rotation

Rotator cuff shoulder stretch for the internal shoulder rotating muscles.