Ulna & Radial Deviation

Ulna and radial deviation are the movements of tilting the wrist from one side to the other. Radial deviation is to move the thumb side of the hand down towards the wrist and ulna deviation is moving the little finger side down.


Teaching Points:

  • To work on ulna deviation, the athlete holds a weighted bar in the hand with the arm by their side so that the palm faces inwards and the weight is at the back, as shown.
  • The athlete then tilts the wrist so that the little finger moves upwards.
  • To work radial deviation, the arm stays in the same position but the weight is moved to be in front of the hand.
  • The wrist is then pulled up so that the thumb moves towards the wrist.

Muuscles Worked:

Ulna deviators:

Radial deviators: