Achilles Tendonitis Resources

We have a number of resources to help in the recovery of achilles tendonitis including our 12 week exercise check sheet and our downloadable VISA achilles pain questionnaire which is a great way to monitor how bad your injury is.

VISA Questionnaire

The VISA questionnaire was designed at the Victorian Institute of Sport in Australia to monitor symptoms of achilles tendon injuries. Simply answer a series of questions and you will get a number which relates to how bad your achilles tendon pain is. If done regularly you can monitor and track any improvements or otherwise and adjust your training and rehabilitation accordingly.

Download VISA Questionnaire (PDF).

Achilles exercise check sheet

The achilles tendon exercise test sheet is designed to work in conjunction with the heel drop protocal. Simply tick the box when you have completed the required exercises and by the time the sheet is filled in you should be pain free!

Download 12 week exercise check list (PDF).