Broken Ankle Exercises

Video explaining exercises for a broken ankle. Rehabilitation from a broken ankle once the cast comes off is very important for returning to full fitness and avoiding further injury.

The aim of broken ankle rehab is to regain full pain free mobility and strength which will not only restore the athlete back to full physical fitness but will also help prevent future injuries.

Mobility exercises will usually begin first when the cast comes off. Aim to move the ankle through its full range of movement provided it is comfortable to do so. There may be stiffness initially but persisting with exercises should restore full pain free mobility.

Stretching is also important, particularly the calf muscles at the back of the lowerleg which may have shortened and weakened whilst in the plaster cast.

Strengthening exercises will begin with seated calf raises which does not place much load on the muscles. Start with just 3 sets of 8 repetitions and progress the number of repetitions as pain allows. Other early stage exercises can be done with resistance bands. The exercise bands can be used to exercise the ankle in all directions; the calf muscles, shin muscles and lateral or sideways movements of the ankle. A medium resistance band should be suitable initially. Again the number of repetitions should be increased as pain allows. Exercises should be done daily.

The goal should be to progress so full weight bearing calf raise exercises can be done pain free with both feet then eventually single leg exercises can be achieved.

Wobble board exercises will improve the balance and proprioception of the ankle (co-ordination) and are an essential part of physical therapy exercises for the ankle.

Finally fractured ankle exercises should involve functional ankle exercises and sports specific exercises such as walking on the toes, jogging, running, changing direction and agility sprints should be done to regain peak fitness.