Seated plantar flexion

Calf strain exercises
Exercises for the early stage and late stage rehabilitation of calf injuries.

Neal Reynolds

Expert Interview
Football Physiotherapist Neal Reynolds talks about exercises for calf rehabilitation.

Expert Interview Calf Strain Prevention

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Premiership Physiotherapist Neal Reynolds talks to about preventing calf strain injuries.

Calf strains usually occur during endurance events, although often quite early on in the competition. This shows that a warm-up is very important. There are two muscles in the calf which stretch differently. It is important to target both, so stretch once with the knee straight and again with it bent. Warm-down is just as important as the calf muscles are often sore or painful the next day.

Strength in the calf muscles is important, using calf raises as a strengthening exercise can help prevent the injury. However, few people actually have 'weak calves' as we use them all the time. Injuries are usually more related to not performing a good warm-up, or fatigue or tiredness in the muscle from a previous game.

The overall condition of the calf is more important than the individual strength, when it comes to preventing calf injuries.