Ball of foot pain

The ball of the foot is the area underneath and behind the toes. It is the part of the foot you push off on when walking or running. Pain in the ball of the foot can be sharp or dull in nature. It can occur due to poor foot posture or dynamics in gait (walking) pattern. Pain could occur from a stress related response, poor footwear, a surface related issue or a fracture.

The ball of the foot can become rigid (stiff) due to the joint that underlies this area and this can cause pain and alter the biomechanics of the area especially the push of phase of gait patterning. Pain can also be caused due to laxity of the ligaments and in extreme cases can be due to ruptures of the plate with symptoms at the ball of the foot. Possible injuries that causes pain in the ball of foot are listed below:
  • Bunion


    A bunion (also known as hallux valgus) is a painful swelling of the soft tissue with bone enlargement over the inside of the big toe. Often the big toe will look as if it is bent in towards the other toes or even can lie across them.

  • Turf Toe

    Turf Toe

    Turf toe can occur after a very vigorous upward bending of the big toe causing a sprain to the ligaments under base of the big or great toe.

  • Sesamoiditis


    Sesamoiditis is an inflammatory condition affecting the sesamoid bones of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint causing pain in the forefoot, particularly on weight bearing.

  • Forefoot Pain

    Forefoot pain often originates from the long metatarsal bones in the foot down and down towards the toes as well as pain under the ball of the foot. The more common gradual onset injuries include metatarsal stress fracures, bunions and mortons neuroma. Sudden onset or acute injuries result from direct trauma or impact and inlcude fractures and ligament sprains.