Expert Interview Severs Disease

Premiership football physiotherapist Neal Reynolds talks about growing pains in children and the relationship to sever's disease.

Growing pains

I am a big believe in growing pains. I don't like labeling someone and saying the have growing pains. But I do believe that having seen over the years you do tend to see this pattern. We do a lot of research in terms of weight and growth of players and you do see a pattern which relates to injury quite clearly. There is a link clearly between osgood schlatters disease and severs disease in young boys especially within football and it is related to when they are having growth spurts.

Bone grows at a fast rate and the muscles and tendons around it just can't keep up so they end up getting longer and having to work over a longer leaver. Eventually those muscles develop the strength and the size, and then the bone grows again. Then the muscles catch up, then the bone grows again and that is what I think is growing pains. I do believe you get that within the adolescent.

It is very important to keep an eye on growth spurts and again be very aware when it comes to training loads and educating the parents and coaches. When a young lad is going through a growth spurt he may be prone to these kind of pains. It is about getting enough training into him without pushing him over the limit.

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