Cornea Abrasion

Cornea Abrasion

A cornea abrasion is a scratch on the cornea of the eye from an external object. This might be a finger, a twig or small pieces of paper or gravel blown up in the wind.

Symptoms of a cornea abrasion

Symptoms include pain in the eye with a gritty feeling when blinking. The patient may have the feeling of something stuck in the eye. Watering eyes, visual disturbances and a dislike of bright light are also symptoms of a cornea abrasion.


The most common cause of a corneal abrasion is getting a foreign object in the eye which scratches the surface. Examples include being poked in the eye or pieces of leaf or twig which have been blown up in the wind.

Other causes include contact lens use. Contact lenses which are poorly fitted, overworn or unclean may also cause damage to the cornea.


Corneal abrasions tend to heal on their own in time. Anti-biotics may be given to avoid infection. Your doctor may also prescribe pain killers. If in doubt visit a doctor or optician.

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