Expert Interview Jumpers Knee Recovery

Professional football physiotherapist Neal Reynolds talks about recovery times for jumpers knee.

Recovering from patella tendon injuries

Patella tendons and injuries to them can take a long time to get right, especially if they have been present for a long time. Either an athlete might not have felt them or they would have coped struggling on with the pain as it may only be a little bit of an ache.

They can get to a stage where the damage that has ocured to the tendon can be quite a lot. There a different types of patella tendon injuries and different approaches to treating them but actually what you are trying to do is to get them to withstand the load and that can take possibly a couple of months to get right.

Then when you are back in your sport and normal training you have to carry on with the maintenance work to ensure that the tendon can cope with the load especially the stopping or landing down from a jump.