Lumbosacral Strain

A Lumbosacral Strain is an injury to the muscles of the lower back. It is usually caused by a forceful or rapid twisting or bending movement.

Symptoms of a Lumbosacral Strain

Symptoms include pain in the lower back area which is often located to one side of the back but can occur on one side only. Back pain will get worse with exercise and movement and improves with rest. There will be muscle spasm in the back which will be tender to touch in places. They may have been a popping sound or feeling at the time of injury.


Lumbosacral strains are muscle injuries which occur in the lumbar and sacral areas of the spine (lower back / upper buttocks). They are usually caused by a sudden forceful movement and most often the injury is at the musculotendinous unit (where the muscle and tendon meet), close to the bone. This makes it tricky to distinguish between a muscular and ligament injury.

Treatment of Lumbosacral Sprains

  • Rest from movements or activities which aggravate the injury.
  • Apply ice and cold therapy products to ease pain and inflammation.
  • A Doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory medications.
  • After the acute period (3-4 days) sports massage may be helpful to relax muscle spasms and improve the blood flow to the injury.
  • Once comfortable to do so, gentle stretching will help to regain full movement.

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