AC Joint Separation Taping

Premiership Football Physiotherapist Neal Reynolds demonstrates a simple taping technique which can be used in the treatment and rehabilitation of an AC joint sprain.

The taping guide is intended for information purposes only. We recommend seeking professional advice before attempting any self help treatment. The aim of this taping is to support the AC joint by applying pressure down onto the clavicle keeping it in place while the ac joint injury heals.

AC joint taping

First apply two or three strips of 2.5cm zinc oxide tape over the top of the shoulder covering the AC joint. This will provide an anchor for the support strip to attach to. Next pass a support strip of tape from the front of the shoulder, down the side of the arm applying tension to the tape. Pass it under the elbow and back up to the top. This support strip will help pull the AC joint down.

Secure the support strip with a piece elastic adhesive bandage getting the patient to tense the bicep muscle when it is applied to allow for muscle expansion. Finally trim the lower part of the support taping away to finish.