Clavicle Muscle Attachments Inflammation

Clavicle Attachments Inflammation

The Clavicle or collar bone has a number of muscle attachments along its length. These can become painful and inflamed.

Symptoms of Muscle inflammation at the Clavicle

  • Pain and stiffness along the collar bone.
  • Pain that radiates into the front of the neck.

Who is affected by this injury?

A number of muscles (including pec major) attach to the collar bone (via tendons) from above into the neck and below into the chest. These tendons can become inflamed through overuse. This injury is more common in cricket bowlers and throwers.

Treatment of Muscle inflammation at the Clavicle

What can the athlete do?

  • Rest and apply ice
  • See a sports injury specialist or Doctor.

What can a sports injury specialist do?

  • Apply sports massage and stretching techniques.
  • Apply ultrasound treatment.
  • Prescribe a rehabilitation and strengthening programme.