Bruised Hand

Bruised Hand

A bruised hand, also known as a hand contusion occurs due to a direct trauma of the hand, resulting in bleeding and subsequent bruising. Impacts and crush injuries are the most common causes.

Symptoms include the obvious pain on impact with whatever has caused the contusion. The hand will be tender touch with immediate swelling. The hand will be painful when trying to use it especially gripping things and there may be difficulty using the fingers.

Treatment of a bruised hand

Treatment consists of rest and immediate application of cold therapy to help control the bleeding and swelling. Cold can be applied for 10 minutes every hour reducing frequency as symptoms improve. A compression bandage can be applied to help control swelling and the hand should be raised to aid the flow of tissue fluids away from the injury.

Symptoms should improve within 2 or 3 days, however if they persist then seek medical attention to ensure there are not further injuries. An X-ray may be required to check there are no fractures.