Running Injuries

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We have information on over 350 injuries with treatment and rehabilitation exercises.

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Shin splints Shin splints


Pain usually on the inside lower third of the shin.

Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fasciitis


Pain in the heel which may radiate into the arch of the foot.

IT band syndrome IT band syndrome


Pain on the outside of the knee only when running.

Ankle sprain Ankle sprain


Common injury of the ankle caused by twisting or rolling over.

Achilles tendinitis Achilles tendinitis


Inflammation of the achilles tendon.

Patellofemoral pain Patellofemoral pain


Pain in the knee related to the kneecap or patella.

Choosing running shoes Choosing running shoes


Shoe selection is vital for injury prevention.

Marathon training tips Marathon training tips


Read our tips for marathon training success from starting out to tapering!

Barefoot running Barefoot running


Why are so many people turning to bare foot running?

Gait analysis Gait analysis


Measuring the biomechanics and technique of running to help avoid injuries.

Marathon recovery Marathon recovery


What you should do AFTER the race to promote a fast recovery!

Overpronation Overpronation

Pronation is the rolling in of the foot and flattening of the arch

Prevent running injuries Prevent running injuries


Our top tips in general for avoiding running injuries.

Avoid marathon injuries Avoid marathon injuries


Follow these tips to help avoid picking up in an injury in those last few weeks training!

Oversupination Oversupination


Supination is rolling the foot outwards.

Paul Evans on Marathons Paul Evans on Marathons


Experienced marathon runner Paul Evans gives his advice on marathon training and competition.

Choosing running shoes Choosing running shoes


Podiatrist Ian Sadler explains how to choose the best running shoes for you!

Race Day Tips Race Day Tips


Our top tips to get you to the start line raring to go and through the race in your fastest time!

Running injuries tend to be overuse injuries which develop due to the repeated impacts and forces experience when running. However sometimes more acute injuries happen too! For example, turning an ankle over on the curb, resulting in an ankle sprain or fracture.

We also take a look at some training and race advice for runners. This covers everything from getting the right footwear, to marathon training and race day tips! We even have interviews with some of our specialists, such as Podiatrist Ian Sadler and Experienced marathoner Paul Evans.