Outside foot pain

Outer foot pain or pain on the outside of foot is also known as lateral foot pain. It may come on gradually where patients may complain of a sore outside of the foot. The lateral longitudinal arch due to poor biomechanics, strain or tear can cause lateral foot pain. The cuboid bone is situated laterally and the ligamentous structures associated with this bone can cause pain in this area from overuse or direct trauma.

Sudden onset pain on the outer side of the foot can be from a fracture of the 5th Metatarsal and injuries to this bone are a common sports injury. Causes of pain on the outside of the foot are listed here:
  • Midtarsal Joint Sprain

    Midtarsal Joint Sprain

    A mid tarsal joint sprain is an injury to the ligaments holding the mid tarsal joint together causing pain in the outside middle of the foot.

  • Peroneus Brevis Tendon Injury

    Peroneus Brevis Tendon Injury

    The Peroneus Brevis tendon inserts into the 5th matatarsal bone on the outside of the foot. A strain or rupture of the tendon can occur at the point of insertion.

  • Cuboid Syndrome

    Cuboid Syndrome

    Cuboid syndrome occurs when the peroneus longus muscle in the lower leg applies excess traction onto the cuboid bone causing it to partially dislocate. The injury is often occurs in conjunction with peroneal tendonitis.

  • Jones Fracture

    Jones Fracture

    Jones' fracture is a fracture of the 5th metatarsal bone on the outside of the foot at the end of the bone nearest the ankle.

  • Heel Pain

    Heel injuries can be acute, meaning they have happened suddenly or are acutely painful. Or they can chronic, occurring gradually over time or result from an initial acute injury which has not healed properly. The most common causes of pain under the heel are Plantar Fasciitis and Bruised Heel whilst pain at the back of the heel in children is more likely to be Sever's disease. Select from the injuries below or if you do not know what your injury is then visited our symptom checker, or click on any of the symptoms below to view injuries with that particular symptom.

  • Forefoot Pain

    Forefoot pain often originates from the long metatarsal bones in the foot, down towards the toes as well as pain under the ball of the foot. The more common gradual onset injuries include metatarsal stress fractures, bunions, and Morton's neuroma. Sudden onset or acute injuries result from direct trauma or impact and include fractures and ligament sprains.