Stiff toe

Stiff toe or toes are toes that may be difficult or uncomfortable to move. This may be due to pain or it may be because the joint is swollen or has restricted movement.

Stiff toes can be due to arthritis, which can make the joint swollen, or due to an injury to the joint or joint surface such as an osteochondral defect (OCD). A stiff toe can also occur due to an injury to the flexing or extending tendon and in some cases ruptures or tears allowing no or little movement. Injuries causing stiffness in the toes are listed below:
  • Hallux Rigidus

    Hallux Rigidus

    Hallux Rigidus is a stiff big toe with pain, swelling and inflammation in the joint. A common cause of big toe pain.

  • Broken Toe

    Broken Toe

    Broken toes can be painful and usually occur as a result of severe impact or trauma to one of the phalanges bones which make up the toes although a stress fracture can occur gradually over time.

  • Toe Injuries & Toe Pain

    Toe injuries include ingrown toenail, black toenail, fractured or broken toe, dislocated toe, hallux rigidus and hammer toe.