Sudden onset toe pain

An acute toe injury, which occurs suddenly, usually from a direct impact or trauma such as stubbing the toe or having your toe stood on. This can also be from a toenail haemotoma due to this type of impact. With an acute toe injury the patient is likely to know exactly when the injury happened.

In some cases the sudden toe pain can be from a jump, twist or landing where there is an injury to the tendon in terms of tear or rupture or alternatively ligament across the joint. These ligament injuries can range from a gd1-3 and can all be sudden in onset. Other Injuries that this are listed below:
  • Broken Toe

    Broken Toe

    Broken toes can be painful and usually occur as a result of severe impact or trauma to one of the phalanges bones which make up the toes although a stress fracture can occur gradually over time.

  • Dislocated Toe

    Dislocated Toe

    Dislocated toes usually occur from a direct trauma to the toe causing a severe sprain to the toe ligament with phalanges bones in the toe being displaced.

  • Toe Injuries & Toe Pain

    Toe injuries include ingrown toenail, black toenail, fractured or broken toe, dislocated toe, hallux rigidus and hammer toe.