Groin Pain Symptoms

  • Acute groin pain

    Acute pain in the groin or sudden onset groin pain is usually due to a strain or tear. The athlete will feel a sudden sharp pain in the groin. Groin pain, which is particularly painful can limit movement. Acute groin pain can be a shooting feeling and can be from the spine. Tendon and ligamentous injuries can also cause acute groin pain.

  • Gradual onset groin pain

    Chronic groin pain or pain in the groin which develops gradually over a period of days, weeks or even months can be due to several different reasons. The athlete is unlikely to be able to pinpoint the exact time the injury occurred. Gradual onset can be from an overuse issue or repetitive inappropriate loading.

  • Groin pain during exercise

    Groin pain running or pain in the groin when walking or playing team sports, which involve quick changes of direction, is frequent. Groin pain can be from a force, direct blow, inappropriate loading or fatigue. Groin pain can be muscular, ligamentous, tendon or from bone or alternatively can be referred from the hip joint or spine.

  • Groin swelling

    Swelling in the groin, usually a muscle tear or contusion can be painful. Testicular swelling in men can be from several different causes but requires investigation. Groin swelling can also be referred from the surrounding areas.

  • Impact to groin

    Direct impact to the groin from a collision with another player, person, from a fall or accident can cause bruising or cause muscle tears within the adductor group. Impact may lead to bruising and pain lower down the leg due to gravity and the inflammation tracking downwards.


  • Lump in the groin

    Groin lumps can be from the glands or lymph nodes that occupy the area. These can be inflamed when there is an illness, infection or serious medical condition such as cancer. Lumps in the groin can be due to swelling from a tear or direct impact injury. Lumps can be non painful, soft or hard and can be related to cysts.

  • Sharp pain in groin

    A sharp or sudden pain in the groin can be from a direct impact or related trauma. May be described as a shooting pain in the groin and can be from a strain or tear. Sharp pains can also be from tendons, ligaments and bone injuries. A sharp pain in the groin can also be referred through the nervous system.