Pain behind knee

Pain at the back of the knee or pain behind the knee can is often caused by a baker’s cyst. The calf muscles can also cause pain in the back of the knee especially if injured and is more likely to be the gastrocnemius muscle. Pain behind the knee can also be caused from an injury such as a strain to the hamstring muscle group. The popliteal muscle can elicit behind knee pain when tight or injured due to it being the first unlocking mechanism of the knee.

An injury to the posterior cruciate or anterior cruciate ligaments can cause back knee pain and can produce swelling. Behind the knee pain, back of the knee pain.
  • Biceps Femoris Tendinopathy

    Biceps Femoris Tendinopathy

    The biceps femoris tendon is one of the hamstring muscle tendons. Injury to this tendon causes pain at the outside, back of the knee.

  • Baker's Cyst

    Baker's Cyst

    A Baker's Cyst or Popliteal cyst is a prominent swelling at the back of the knee. It is usually caused by an underlying injury or condition in the knee joint.

  • Popliteus Injury

    Popliteus Injury

    The Popliteus is a small muscle located at the back of the knee joint. An injury or strain to the muscle or tendon can cause pain at the back of the knee.

  • Gastrocnemius Tendinopathy

    Gastrocnemius Tendinopathy

    Gastrocnemius tendinopathy or tendinitis is inflammation or degeneration of the tendon of the calf muscle causing pain at the back of the knee. This is an overuse injury which is more common in runners and sprinters.

  • Posterolateral Corner Injury

    Posterolateral Corner Injury

    Posterolateral corner injuries cause pain at the back and outside of the knee. They are not particularly common injuries, although around half of cases occur due to sporting injuries, with road traffic accidents being another common cause.

  • Tennis Leg

    Tennis Leg

    Tennis leg is a general term used to describe pain in the leg caused by a tear of the inner head of the big calf muscle, the plantaris muscle or sometimes both.

  • Hamstring Tendon Rupture

    Hamstring - Rupture

    A full or partial rupture can occur in the hamstring tendons as they insert into the back of the knee.

  • Biceps Femoris Tendon Avulsion

    Biceps Femoris - Avulsion

    The Biceps Femoris is one three hamstring muscles. An avulsion strain or fracture involves the tendon pulling away from the bone.

  • Pain Behind The Knee (Posterior)

    Posterior knee pain is pain at the back of the knee. Below we outline the most common causes of pain at the back of the knee, less common causes as well as important conditions and injuries that should not be missed. Biceps femoris tendonitis (hamstring tendonitis) is probably the most common over use injury at the back of the knee although referred pain and various causes of swelling are also likely causes of pain at the back of the knee.