Inner thigh pain

Pain on the inside of the thigh or medial side is commonly associated with the vastus medialis muscle. Inner thigh pain can also be from the satorius muscle.

Direct trauma from an acute injury such as a contusion, bruise or strain can cause inner thigh pain or pain at the inner thigh can be related to the nervous system. Injuries with this symptom are listed below:
  • Front Thigh Pain

    Anterior thigh pain or injuries at the front of the thigh. An acute thigh injury comes on suddenly and includes muscle strains (tears) or contutions which are caused my direct impact or collision. Chronic or gradual onset pain at the front of the thigh occurs over time. The athlete may not be able to identify a specific moment the injury was caused.

  • Back Thigh Pain

    Pain at the back of the thigh is known as posterior thigh pain and can be acute or sudden onset, or they may be chronic and develop gradually over time. It may also develop following an acute injury which fails to heal properly. The most common is a hamstring strain.