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Welcome to the Virtual Sports Injury Clinic. Here you will find information on hundreds of sports injuries and conditions with advice on treatment, rehabilitation, exercises, strapping & taping, sports massage and more.

If you have a sports injury we will explain it to you and provide information on treatment and rehabilitation. Our articles have been written and/or reviewed by qualified and experienced sports injury professionals.

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Foot & Heel

Plantar Fasciitis

Bruised Heel

Sever's Disease

Foot Biomechanics & Gait Analysis

View all Foot & Heel Injuries


Ankle Sprain

Achilles Tendonitis

Ankle Fracture

Ankle Taping

View all Ankle Injuries

Lower Leg

Shin Splints

Calf Strain

Tight Calf Muscles

View all Lower Leg Injuries


ACL Sprain

Jumper's Knee

Osgood Schlatter Disease

MCL Sprain

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

View all Knee Injuries


Hamstring Strain

Thigh Strain

Thigh Contusion

View all Thigh Injuries

Buttock, Hip & Groin

Groin Strain

Piriformis Syndrome

View all Buttock, Hip & Groin

Chest & Abdominal

Rib Fracture/Contusion

Abdominal Strain

Side Stitch

View all Chest & Abdominal


Rotator Cuff Strain

Shoulder Impingement

Dislocated Shoulder

AC Joint Sprain

View all Shoulder Injuries

Arm & Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Golfer's Elbow

Elbow Bursitis

View all Arm and Elbow Injuries

Wrist & Hand

Wrist Fracture

Finger Sprain

Thumb Sprain

Wrist Sprains & Strains

View all Wrist & Hand Injuries

Head Injuries


Eye Injuries

View all Head Injuries


Gradual Onset Back Pain

Sudden Onset Back Pain

View all Back Injuries

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