Biceps Brachii

Biceps Brachii Muscle

The Biceps brachii crosses both the elbow and shoulder joints. Its action on the shoulder joint is very weak flexion.

The Biceps Brachii works most efficiently in flexing the elbow joint when the forearm is supinated (palm facing up). The bicep curl is the most commonly used exercise to strengthen this muscle.

Origin: Long head - top of the glenoid fossa.

Short head - coracoid process.

Insertion: Bicipital tuberosity of the radius.
Bicipital aponeurosis into the deep fascia of the forearm.

Actions: Elbow flexion.
Supination of the forearm.

Innervation: Musculocutaneus nerve.

Daily uses: Picking up a shopping bag.
Biceps curl using a resistance band or dumbbell.

Example exercises: Bicep curl.



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