Vastus Medialis

Vastus Medialis Muscle

Vastus Medialis is the most medially (inner) located of the quadricep muscles. The portion of the muscle just above the knee is known as VMO (vastus medialis oblique). This is important in stabilising the knee joint and often becomes inhibited following injury.

Origin : Intertrochanteric line (between the greater and lesser trochanters of the femur).
Medial lip of the linea aspera of the femur.

Insertion : Patella via the quadriceps tendon and then the tibial tuberosity via the patella tendon.

Actions : Knee extension.

Innervation : Femoral nerve.

Daily uses : Cycling.
Walking up stairs.

Example strengthening exercises : Knee extension with a rehab band.

Example stretches : Standing quad stretch.
Laying quad stretch.