Sports Specific Injuries

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Field Hockey Injuries

Field hockey injuries are similar to other field sports such as soccer due to the sudden bursts of speed and changes of direction. Hardball and sticks increase the likelihood of contusions and lacerations. Most common …

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Cycling injuries

Cycling Injuries

Cycling injuries are either overuse injuries which develop gradually over time because of repeated movement patterns or pressures, or acute, traumatic injuries due to a fall! Most common cycling injuries The most common gradual-onset cycling …

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Cricket injuries

Cricket Injuries

Cricket injuries are either acute injuries that occur suddenly such as a torn muscle, or an impact from the ball. Or they can be chronic injuries that occur gradually through overuse. Acute Cricket injuries (sudden …

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Basketball injuries

Basketball Injuries

Basketball injuries are some of the most varied sports injuries! They commonly range from the fingertip to the toe and everything in between! This is because of the use of the hands, wrists, fingers, and …

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Baseball Injuries

Baseball injuries tend to usually occur in the shoulder and elbow, due to the high forces involved. This is especially true in pitchers, but other positions, as well as batters, may also suffer from this …

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Badminton injuries

Badminton Injuries

Badminton injuries are usually overuse injuries which develop from repeated overhead movements. Injuries to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knees, and ankle are common. Injuries to the lower limb can also occur due to the high …

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Athletics track & Field Injuries

Athletics Injuries

Athletes suffer from some of the most common sports injuries. They can either be overuse injuries such as shin splints or compartment syndromes or can occur suddenly for example muscle strains. Most track and field …

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