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  • How important is sleep?

    Sleep and sports training

    There are many reasons why sleep is important, as it improves overall health and wellbeing and enables individuals to perform. It helps our brain to function and affects many different systems within our body from our emotional state to our physical state. The amount of sleep we require depends on what stage of life we are at, with a newborn requiring approximately 16 hours a day and an adult requiring around 7 hours a day.

  • Six Hot Tub Benefits

    Hot Tub Blog

    Hot tubs or Jacuzzis have physical and mental benefits which can improve overall health. They are accessible in most spas, gyms, and hotels but are now becoming more and more popular at home. Some hot tub health benefits include reducing muscle and joint pain, aiding recovery in sports and helping improve performance. Here are six reasons to justify buying one.

  • Could you spot Concussion?

    Could you spot Concussion

    Have I or someone else got Concussion? – How to tell pitch side if you or someone else needs to stop playing. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury and should not be ignored. It happens in many sports and can be from a contact or non-contact injury and is typically from rotational or linear forces transmitted to the brain.

  • Am I at risk of an Achilles Rupture?

    Achilles tendon rupture risk

    A complete tear or rupture to the Achilles tendon at the back of the lower leg is a rare but serious injury requiring urgent surgery followed by months of careful rehabilitation. Many athletes have recovered from such a serious injury and gone on to do amazing things but prevention is always the best cure.

  • 5 Injuries More Likely In Women

    5 Injuries Women

    There are some obvious differences between men and women and some of these differences can lead to an increased risk of injury. Here we explain our top five most common sports injuries for women and why they affect women more than men. We also look at what you can do to try to prevent them.

  • 5 Tips To Avoid Running Injuries

    Top tips for avoiding running injuries

    It’s that time of year again where many people set New Year’s resolutions that often include losing weight or getting fit. Many try their hand at running, which is an excellent free exercise (well, almost free anyway) and can be a great way to improve fitness. Here is our guide to help you avoid running injuries and stay injury free.

  • 6 Top Tips to Avoid Getting the Flu

    Avoiding the Flu

    People often ask, what’s the difference between the common cold and the flu? How can I avoid getting ill before an important competition or exam like everyone around me? Is it as simple as not going outside in the cold with wet hair? Here we give our top tips for avoiding the flu.

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