Pilates Exercises

Pilates is an exercise system that uses slow but precise and controlled movements to improve and maintain strength, posture, core muscle control, spinal mobility and flexibility. Pilates exercises are widely used by Physiotherapists for injury prevention. It is important pilates exercises are performed correctly which is why they are often taught in supervised exercise classes with properly qualified practitioners. An understanding of the basic principles of Pilates and learning to contract the core is important.

Core Principles of Pilates

Pilates is a comprehensive exercise system that uses isolated muscle movement to create and maintain strength, correct muscular alignment, core muscle control, spinal mobility, postural strength, flexibility, and resilience. Pilates exercises are now widely regarded as a leading exercise protocol for injury prevention.

Beginners Pilates

Here we demonstrate some beginners introductory pilates exercises which are suitable for all levels and promote core stability and strength in the spine and shoulders.

Intermediate Pilates

Intermediate pilates exercises which are suitable for most athletes who are comfortable doing the beginners ones. TV fitness expert Wayne Gordon demonstrates and maintaining perfect technique is the thing to aim for.

Advanced Pilates

These exercises are more advanced and require a higher level of strength in order to perform them with correct technique. Instructor Wayne Gordon demonstrates exercises which are probably of more benefit to most sportsmen and women.