Footballer's Ankle

Footballer's Ankle

Footballer's ankle is a bony growth at the front of the ankle where the joint capsule attaches. It can follow an injury where the ankle has been over stretched or over bent. Moving the foot up and down will often be painful, as will kicking a ball. Surgery may be required if the ankle injury is severe.

Symptoms of footballer's ankle

Symptoms include pain and tenderness when pressing in with the fingers over the front of the ankle joint. The patient may feel pain when bending the foot up or down. A typical symptom is a band of pain across the front of the ankle when kicking a ball. There may also be a bony lump at the front of the ankle.

Treatment of footballer's ankle

What can the athlete do?

If the bony growth is large enough, nothing the athlete can do is likely to help and surgery may be required to remove it.

See a sport injury professional who can advise on rehabilitation. If the injury is more recent or less severe then it may respond to a rehabilitation program consisting of mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises. Wear an ankle support to encourage blood flow, warmth and compression.

What can a sports injury specialist or doctor do?

A professional practitioner might apply sports massage techniques to mobilize the tissues at the front of the ankle. A doctor can administer a steroid injection followed by complete rest. An X ray of the ankle can confirm diagnosis. Once pain has gone a full ankle strengthening and mobility rehabilitation program should be undertaken to restore the ankle to full function.

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