Bruised Elbow

Bruised Elbow

A bruised elbow or elbow contusion usually occurs as a result of a fall or impact to the elbow. The elbow will appear bruised and will be tender to touch. Rest, ice and compression can usually treat this elbow injury, but it should be monitored for signs of more serious damage.


Bruised elbow symptoms result from a sudden pain on impact from a fall or fast-moving ball. Bruising and discoloration of the skin around the elbow gradually appear. The area will be tender to touch and there may be some swelling. Movement of the elbow may be mildly painful or limited. It is important to look out for symptoms which may indicate more serious damage at the elbow such as a fracture.

Treatment for a bruised elbow

Rest the arm. Sit with the arm elevated and use a compression bandage to reduce swelling and bleeding. Ice should also be applied to reduce bleeding and swelling. If the elbow is very painful, consider a fracture and seek medical attention. If a fracture is suspected an X-ray should be taken to confirm the diagnosis.