Golfers Elbow Surgery


Mr. Elliot Sorene MBBS FRCS (Tr Orth) EDHS Consultant Orthopaedic, Hand Upper Limb Surgeon talks about surgery for Golfers elbow and Tennis elbow.


Whether a busy businessman is doing some aggressive weights in his lunch hour or for someone who has undertaken some activity they are not used to, you can get break down of either of the tendons on the inside or the outside of the elbow. Or the can both co-exist together.

These conditions are controversial in their management meaning not everyone agrees on what is the best course of treatment. The vast majority of conditions do improve with conservative treatment such as ultrasound, physiotherapy or occasionally a steroid injection. Or indeed now patients may be treated with platelet rich plasm injections which is where blood is taken from the patient themselves and a centrifuge the clotting and healing factors of the patients blood can be injected into the site of the injury where the tendon has frayed.

However, more simple methods of treatment such as rest, physiotherapy, shockwave therapy, changing activity, wearing a clasp or tennis elbow brace…. there are a number of conservative treatments which are extremely successful.

The surgical treatment of golfer's elbow consists of recessing and releasing the portion of diseased tendon, of frayed tendon, removing this and releasing it from the bone. There are more modern techniques used to perform the operation using endoscopic or arthroscopic techniques where from inside the elbow we identify these structures and cut them. and there are different methods with respect to how big the scar is however the principle is the same and that is to remove or release the diseased portion of tendon from the bone.