Face & Head Injuries

If you have sustained any kind of head injury it is always advisable to seek medical attention immediately. A direct blow to the head can be a minor injury right through to something more serious or even death. Head injuries include trauma to the head or brain, concussion, facial injuries including the eyes and nose, and ear pain. Here we explain how to recognise and treat various head injuries as well as when to seek medical attention.

Head injuries

Head injuries in sport can range from a mild headache caused by impact or dehydration up to severe concussion or worse. A head injury should always be taken seriously and medical attention should be sought. Symptoms may also develop over time where the player feels okay initially but over the next few days more noticeable symptoms occur or become worse. He we explain sports related head injuries.

Face and Eye Injuries

Facial injuries include fractures of the bones of the face and jaw and are usually caused by direct impact or trauma. Similarly, many eye injuries are caused by foreign body or infection in the eye. As with any head injury, it is advisable to seek medical advice with any injury to the face, eyes or teeth.

Ear injuries

Injuries to the ear include Cauliflower ear which is a swelling or deformity due to impact and is common in contact sports such as Rugby. If you have an ear injury, particularly one which has affected your hearing it is important to seek medical attention. Other ear conditions include Swimmers ear, Earwax, Glue ear and a Perforated eardrum.