Bruised buttocks

Bruised buttocks

Bruised buttocks or a contusion of the buttocks is bleeding in the muscles caused by a direct impact to the area. This can be from a fall or being hit in the area by a hard blunt object such as a hard ball. There will be pain and tenderness at the point of impact. Read more on the ways you can treat this injury.


Symptoms include pain in the buttock at the time of impact. Obvious tenderness when pressing into the muscles or sitting down will be felt. Bruising may appear and pain and stiffness may be felt when stretching and contracting the buttock muscles during exercise.


  • Rest.
  • Apply ice or cold therapy products regularly for 15 minutes to ease pain, bleeding and swelling.
  • Once comfortable to do so, start gently stretching the glute muscles.
  • Sports massage can help to relax the muscles and disperse waste products, but should not be performed within 72 hours of injury due to possibly increasing blood flow.
  • Once pain free to stretch and everyday movements, strengthening exercises can be performed to ensure there is still full strength in the glutes.

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