Taping for ACL Injuries

Physiotherapist Neal Reynolds demonstrates a general knee taping technique which can be used to help support and ACL ligament injury.

The following guidelines are for information purposes only. We recommend seeking professional advice before beginning rehabilitation.See above video on how to apply tape.

The Aim of Taping

  • The aim of this taping is to support the knee following injury to the anterior cruciate ligament injury. This may be important if the athlete has an unstable knee or laxity in the joint.
  • Tape will provide support. It may also be useful to protect the area when gradually returning to full fitness. Do not tape if unsure of the injury or why the taping is being used.

Taping Technique

Elastic adhesive bandage is used to lay anchor strips around the muscles above and below the knee. It is important to use EAB rather than non stretch tape as the muscles will expand during exercise and blood flow will be restricted.

Support strips of tape are applied along the lengths of the ligaments to restrict movement and supply support to the joint. This taping technique can be used for any knee ligament injury to provide general support for the area.

It is not possible to brace, tape or support the knee to completely prevent injury but this knee taping can certainly help.

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