Grade 1 MCL Sprain Rehab Phase 2

Phase 2 usually begins after 1 week. To start on phase 2 you should be able to walk normally, be able to fully straighten your leg and bend your knee to more than 90 degrees without pain.


  • Continue to rest from painful activities but move to ‘active rest’ if possible. You may be able to introduce gentle jogging but only if it does not hurt at the time, afterward, or the following day.

Cold therapy

  • Apply cold therapy after exercise to help manage or prevent swelling.
  • Do not apply ice directly to the skin as it may burn. If you are using ice or a bag of frozen peas then wrap it in a wet tea towel before applying to your skin.

Sports Massage

  • Cross friction massage to the ligament can be performed on alternate days.

Stretching exercises

  • Continue with stretching exercises from phase 1.

Strengthening exercises

  • Introduce dynamic strengthening exercises such as knee extension, knee flexion, half squats, step-ups, single-leg calf raise, bridging and leg press if pain allows.

Maintaining fitness

  • Maintain aerobic fitness with cycling, stepping machine, and gentle jogging but no sudden changes of direction.

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