Grade 1 MCL Sprain Phase 4

Phase 4 begins after 4 weeks and lasts for between 3 and 6 weeks. The aim of this final phase is to return to full sports specific training & competition.

Cold therapy

  • Applying cold therapy should not be needed at this stage.
  • However, if you notice any pain or swelling on the inside of your knee then apply a cold compression wrap again, especially after training.

Sports massage

  • If available, apply sports massage to the surrounding leg muscles on a weekly basis.

Stretching exercises

  • Continue with stretching exercises as part of normal training sessions.

Strengthening exercises

  • Continue with strength training as above but start to include hopping and bounding exercises.

Maintaining fitness

  • You should now be ready to gradually return to full sports specific training and then competition.
  • A knee support or a strapping/taping techniques may provide extra support on return to full training, however, do not become reliant on this. It will weaken the joint. Use initially for confidence building.
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