Grade 1 MCL Sprain Rehab Phase 3

Phase 3 usually begins 2 weeks after injury and lasts for 2 weeks. However, this will vary depending on your specific injury. The aims are to maintain full range of motion at the knee, achieve equal strength in both legs and begin running.

Cold therapy

  • Continue to apply cold therapy after training sessions.

Sports massage

  • Continue with sports massage techniques every 3 days.

Stretching exercises

  • Continue with stretching exercises from phase 2

Strengthening exercises

  • Build on dynamic strengthening exercises such as leg extension and leg curls exercises as well as squats to horizontal and lunges.
  • Work your injured leg first, then do the same reps on your good leg.
  • Increase the intensity, weight lifted and a number of repetitions (aim for between 10 and 20 reps).
  • Increase until the strength is equal in both legs.

Maintaining fitness

  • In addition to straight running, start to include sideways and backwards running, agility drills and plyometric exercises.
  • Increase speed to sprinting and changing direction drills.

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