Grade 2 MCL Sprain Rehab Phase 3

Phase 3 usually begins 6 or 7 weeks following injury and lasts for 4 weeks. The aims of this phase are to regain full range of motion, strength, return to light jogging and by week 10 from injury, return to sports specific exercises.

Cold therapy

  • Continue with cold therapy following training sessions.

Supports & bracing

  • Wear a knee brace or support as required for a little extra protection and support.

Sports Massage

  • Sports massage techniques to the ligament 2 to 3 times a week.

Strengthening exercises

  • Basic strengthening exercises as per phase 2.
  • Increasing intensity and move from double-leg exercise to single.

Fitness & training

  • After week 6, no sooner, begin to run if comfortable, no sudden changes of direction though.
  • After week 8 begin to run sideways and backward so by week 10 the athlete is able to begin to change direction at speed.
  • For footballers, kicking may now be possible.
  • When confident enough plyometric drills, hopping, box jumps and agility drills can begin.

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