Patella Taping

Taping is a great way of relieving symptoms of patellofemoral pain by helping to control the position of the patella (kneecap).

Below we demonstrate two patella taping techniques. The first is specifically for controlling the patella. The second is a general anterior knee pain taping technique which helps patella tracking by supporting and encouraging muscles to work in a particular way.

Patella taping

If the athlete has pain on normal daily activities then taping should be applied all day and gradually reduced as the knee improves. If there is pain only on specific activities then only tape for those activities or rehabilitation exercises. Top Sports Physiotherapist Neal Reynolds demonstrates a simple patella taping technique which is often used in the treatment of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Chondromalacia patella.


For this taping to be effective it is important to understand how the patella needs to be adjusted. It can be tilted, rotated and glided sideways and sometimes trail and error is necessary.

The therapist or athletic trainer will find the sore spot under the knee cap where it rubs on the tibia bone. The aim is then to tape or pull the patella away from this sore spot but gliding it sideways, tilting or rotating the patella with the tape. Always assess the effectiveness of taping by performing a painful activity such as a squat before applying the tape, then repeat the activity after the tape is applied.If the taping has been effective then the activity should be virtually pain free.

Anterior knee pain taping

A simple taping technique which can be done for any anterior knee pain. Its purpose is to encourage the muscles of the thigh to pull in a way that helps patella tracking.This taping works by encouraging the muscles of the leg to keep the knee facing forwards and so encourages correct patella tracking. It is ideal for running and other sporting actives where a full patella taping may be restrictive.

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