Am I Doing Enough To Cure Shin Splints?

Shin splints taping

Try our simple interactive tool to see if you are doing enough to cure your shin pain? Chronic shin pain can be difficult to treat. A combination of approaches is needed. Simply resting and hoping for the best may not be enough.

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Shin Splints Treatment Tool


How long have you had shin pain?

Do you train through the pain?

How often do you apply ice?

Do you regularly use tape/compression support?

Have you adapted your training to avoid high impact exercises?

How often do you stretch your calf muscles?

How often are you having massage treatment?

Have you had your feet checked for overpronation?

Am I doing all I can for shin splints?
Not good - you need to try harder!

The good news is there is plenty more you can do to get rid of shin pain! If you train through the pain you are not allowing the tissues time to heal. Chronic injuries often feel ok once you are warmed up, but at some point you need to break the pain cycle. Applying ice for 10 minutes every hour is good if your shins are particularly painful. Later on reduce frequency as symptoms improve. Massage, stretching, applying tape, looking at foot biomechanics are also important. You have a lot of catching up to do!
Not bad - but there is more you could do

If you catch shin pain early then it is easier to treat. If you have struggled on for weeks then you may need to think about why. If it is particularly painful then applying ice every hour will help. Then reduce to 3 or 4 times a day as symptoms allow. Consider taping, massage, foot biomechanics and training modification as well.
Good work, keep going!

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