Bruised Collarbone

Bruised Collarbone

A bruised collarbone is also known as a clavicle contusion and occurs after a direct impact to the collarbone at the front of the shoulder or chest. Shoulder pain and swelling are common symptoms, which can be eased by rest and icing the area. It is important to check and monitor the injury to make sure it is not a fracture and that there is no ligament or nerve damage.

Symptoms of a bruised collarbone

Bruised collar bone symptoms include pain at the front of the shoulder following a direct impact to the bone. The collarbone will be tender to touch with swelling sometimes developing quickly and bruising usually appearing later. Lifting the arm up is likely to cause pain or discomfort.


Rest from all painful activities. Apply ice or cold therapy products to ease the pain, bleeding, and inflammation. A sling may be used to take the weight of the arm off the clavicle. A doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to ease pain and inflammation.

If a fracture is suspected an X-ray should be taken to rule this out. The AC joint should also be checked to ensure there is no disruption of the ligaments there. Ensure there is a strong pulse and no altered sensation at the hand to rule out nerve or blood vessel damage. A simply bruised collarbone should heal naturally within 1-2 weeks.

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