Hamstring Origin Tendonitis

Hamstring Origin Tendonitis

Hamstring tendinitis is inflammation of the hamstring tendon as it attaches to the ischial tuberosity at the top of the back of the thigh. This hamstring injury can be linked to overuse or a tear of the hamstring tendon which hasn't properly healed. Pain may come on gradually, especially after activity, and stretching the hamstrings is likely to be painful.

Symptoms of hamstring origin tendonitis

Symptoms include pain and tenderness at the ischial tuberosity just under the buttocks. The patient may experience a gradual onset of pain following a sprinting session. Pain is likely to be felt when stretching the hamstring muscles.

What is hamstring tendonitis/tendinopathy?

Hamstring tendinitis is inflammation of the hamstring tendon as it attaches to the ischial tuberosity at the top of the back of the thigh. It can follow a tear of the hamstring tendon which is poorly treated or more often is an overuse injury. There is three hamstring muscles, the semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris muscle.


Reduce inflammation through rest, ice or cold therapy. Once pain and inflammation have gone develop a stretching and strengthening program. For chronic hamstring tendon injuries, there is likely to be muscle tightness and weakness which can be treated through massage, stretching and strengthening.

A doctor or physiotherapist may recommend NSAID's or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation as well as use electrotherapy such as ultrasound. They may apply deep tissue sports massage techniques once the acute stage has passed. This is thought to be the most effective form of treatment for this condition. However, if ischiogluteal bursitis is a problem then massage is will not help. A full rehabilitation program of stretching and strengthening exercises is important to avoid future injury.

Occasionally fibrous adhesion's may develop on the tendon in chronic cases. These fibrous adhesions can irritate the sciatic nerve as it passes above the Ischial tuberosity and then down past the biceps femoris muscle. These adhesions may not respond to deep friction massage and stretching. This condition is known as hamstring syndrome and may require surgery.

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