Hamstring Strain Rehabilitation App

We have a number of resources and downloads which can help with the treatment and rehabilitation of hamstring strains.

Download the hamstring strain iphone app


The hamstring strain rehabilitation app will take you step by step through the treatment and exercises needed to recover from and prevent a pulled hamstring.

Sportsinjuryclinic.net worked with professional football physiotherapist Neal Reynolds to create this hamstring strain rehabilitation app.

The app explains what a pulled hamstring is, how it occurs and outlines treatment and rehabilitation. With the in app purchase it takes you through a step-by-step rehabilitation program from injury to full fitness. It has 16 hamstring strain rehabilitation exercises covering stretching and strengthening, each with a video demonstration. The in app purchase rehabilitation program is based around four elements; healing & treatment (3 stages), stretching (6 stages), strengthening (6 stages) and aerobic fitness (8 stages). The athlete progresses along each element reaching the goal of the stage before moving onto the next stage. Once all stages have been completed then full fitness should be achieved.

Also included are links to expert interviews exclusively for sportsinjuryclinic.net about treating and preventing hamstring strains as well as applying kinesiology tape.

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