Ankle Pain Article

Ankle injuries

Ankle Pain

Acute ankle pain occurs suddenly from direct impact or twisting. Acute injuries include sprains, strains and fractures. Chronic ankle injuries, develop gradually over time, often through overuse. If you are not sure what your injury is, why not try our sports injury symptom checker. Acute ankle injuries (sprains, strains & fractures) Acute ankle injuries occur …

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Calf strain exercises

Ankle Exercises

Lower leg and ankle rehabilitation exercises for ankle, shin, and calf injuries. Once pain allows, isometric or static exercises can begin, followed by dynamic strengthening exercises. It is important to include balance or proprioception exercises, as well as more functional or sports specific exercises. On this page: Isometric ankle exercises Dynamic ankle exercises Proprioception & …

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Wobble balance board exercises

Wobble Balance Board Exercises

Wobble balance board exercises are important for rehabilitation of lower leg injuries, especially ankle sprains. Simply strengthening muscles is not enough, you need to improved you ‘proprioception’ if you want to avoid future injuries. On this page: Wobble board exercises What is proprioception? Benefits of wobble board exercises Go direct to: Proprioception exercises Benefits of …

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