Outside ankle pain symptoms

Peroneal tendonitis

Peroneal Tendonitis (Tendinopathy)

Peroneal tendonitis (tendinopathy) is inflammation or degeneration of the peroneal tendons on the outside of the ankle. On this page: Symptoms & diagnosis Causes & anatomy Treatment & Rehabilitation Exercises Go direct to: Peroneal tendon dislocation Ankle rehabilitation Peroneal Tendonitis Symptoms Symptoms of Peroneal tendonitis/tendinopathy include: Pain and swelling on the outside of the ankle …

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Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

The sinus tarsi is a small bony canal which runs into the ankle under the talus ankle bone. Damage to the sinus tarsi can be caused by overuse or an ankle sprain. It normally causes pain and tenderness near the bone on the outside of the ankle, which is often exacerbated by running around a …

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