Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in holistic treatments to promote health and well-being. Essential oils are natural substances, obtained from a plant source by distillation or expression.

Essential Oils

There are over 400 essential oils, many of which have been in use for hundreds of years due to their therapeutic properties. Each individual oil is known for having a certain effect and these can be used individually or in combination.

  • Tea Tree - antibacterial
  • Peppermint - digestive system
  • Lavender - muscular aches and pains, headaches
  • Bergamot - skin conditions
  • Eucalyptus - sinus problems and colds
  • Marjoram - insomnia, anxiety and depression

The most common form of aromatherapy is though massage. Here the oils are used to allow the therapists hands to glide smoothly over the body. Other alternative forms of aromatherapy include inhalation and adding a few drops to bath water.


Many studies have shown the effectiveness of certain essential oils. For example tea tree has been shown to be antibacterial. Other studies have shown positive effects of aromatherapy on mood and the sense of well-being.

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