Athletic Therapist

Athletic therapy is a Canadian profession, governed by the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association (CATA). Certified members have successfully completed a comprehensive theory exam and a subsequent oral/practical exam developed and administered by the certification board of the CATA.

Who do Athletic Therapists treat?

Athletic therapists treat a range of people. Some will work in professional sports teams and others in injury clinics. Here they treat people with all musculoskeletal conditions, not only sporting injuries.

What treatment techniques does a athletic therapist use?

Athletic therapists assess injuries and treat them using a wide range of techniques, utilising contemporary rehabilitative techniques, therapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization, physical reconditioning, and supportive strapping procedures.

What training does a Athletic Therapist do?

An athletic therapist must complete a degree course at a registered institution. They must also complete an internship of at least 1200 hours of practical experience under supervision of a Certified Athletic Therapist. Once these criteria are met, a certification candidate is qualified to attempt the comprehensive written exam.  The final step is a practical exam covering all components of the athletic therapy scope of practice.

Throughout their career they must also keep up-to-date their first responder training and complete continued professional development courses to keep-up-to-date with advancements in the field.

For more information please visit the CATA website.

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