Preventing Back Pain

Preventing and managing back pain including pack pain when driving, at work, posture, inversion therapy and kinesiology taping.

Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down to apply gentle traction to the spine. We explain the benefits of Inversion Therapy and how it can help with back pain.

Kinesiology taping

Physiotherapist Neal Reynolds demonstrates a simple Kinesiology taping technique which can help relieve low back pain.

Back pain and driving

If you suffer back pain either during or after driving long distances, then you might ask yourself the following questions: Why does driving cause low back pain? What is the best driving position? What can help ease low back pain when driving? How do I know if my seat is positioned correctly?

Back Pain & Posture

For many people back pain is directly related to poor posture, in both standing and sitting. The majority of people will have at least one, usually more, postural abnormalities. After all if you go back a few evolutionary steps, we walked on all fours! Evolving to walk on two legs has placed a large amount of stress on our spines.

Preventing Back Pain At Work

If you sit at a desk for work for long periods and suffer with back pain, the cause of the back pain might be the way you are sitting or the way your desk is set up.  The first line of treatment for this type of back pain is to carry out an ergonomic assessment.  This can either be done by a health and safety officer at your work or by yourself.